Block Design: Maximum use of your Creative Memories paper packs!

What do you do with the cover sheet that comes in your Creative Memories paper packs? Many of you know that it is photo safe. Some of you use the back as a sheet of brilliant white cardstock. Some of you use it for a page backing. How many of you have cut apart the blocks and used in a page design?

The Creative Memories trimmer has some great features to help you cut out the blocks.

On each end, the trimmer has clear plastic site line guides that you can slide along the track to make sure your blade will cut where you want. When you actually trim, you just push them out of the way.

The blue blade housing also has an arrow to help guide your cut.

I used scissors to cut them apart after this.
If you don’t have a steady hand, or a touch of OCD, you may want to use your trimmer for a straight cut,
or to make sure you the same exact measurement for each block. That’s too much work for me, lol. I just used scissors and eyeballed it.
Using the Spring Medley Designer Prints, I stacked the blocks onto a piece of white on top of a piece of the navy print.
I cut both strips using the scallop blade. The white is about 2″. The navy is about 2 3/8″.
Accented two of the blocks with the shutter punch (a must have!)
The white strip is actually from the bottom of the cover sheet!
You can see where my repositionable tape was before I pulled it back apart.
I absolutely love the green and blues in this paper pack! And I think the shutter punch is one of the most versatile.
Because I only used 6 blocks in my first layout, I used 5 of the remaining ones for a second Spring Medley layout. When you put the blocks on the vertical axis, you want to barely kiss the ends so that they spread out the full 12″. Use the medallion punch to accent!
Using Magic Awaits Prints, I chose 10 of the blocks to create this argyle pattern. Cut one of the blocks in half to put in each end.
For Beneath the Pines, I chose 10 blocks to stack in the corners.
If you are not matting your blocks in the design, whichever block is also the actual background paper won’t stand out.

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