Nine Simple Fall Scrapbook Borders

Create simple beautiful scrapbook borders using the Exclusive Creative Memories Croptoberfest Collection: Project Recipe papers and stickers, Cardstock Sampler Pack, and Embellishments. Let’s go through them border by border!

Brown pinecone heart Base 3.25″. Punch green pinecone print with scallop wave border maker trimmed to 1.25″ Adhere beside 1 1/8″ strip of Cinnamon cardstock. Embellish with maple leaves and stickers from the kit.

Brown pinecone heart base 2″. Trim a 1.75″ piece of Cinnamon cardstock using the Wave decorative blade on both sides. Trim off three 2″ sections. Punch simple leave border maker on teal print. Trim two sections. Use the scallop scraps from punching the scallop wave on 1st border to layer at bottom of cinnamon sections (flip 3 of them for alternate print). Also use the scraps from the simple leaf- trim off the base ‘feet’ to make trees.

Base is 1.75″ grid print (reverse of green pinecone print). Trim cinnamon cardstock with scallop blade. Layer beneath a 1″ strip of green plaid. Punch two banners from Banner Punch, trimming off header (or make your own). Adhere layered with stickers.

Green pinecone base 2.25″. Trim 1″ section cinnamon cardstock with scallop edge (created when using scallop edge in 2nd border). Layer on a 1/4″ strip of brown pinecone print. Using the inside of the #2 circle custom cutting system, use the blue blade to cut a circle out of teal print. Use the red blade to cut a circle of cinnamon cardstock. Layer teal circle onto cinnamon circle and layer with stickers.

Deep teal cardstock base 2.5″. Trim deckle edge on green cardstock. Layer underneath a 1.25″ strip of light blue cardstock. Cut Winter Vine border with Latte cardstock. Embellish with banners and title from Embellishment pack.

Latte base 1.75″. Punch On the Vine border out of green pinecone print. Layer underneath the remaining 6″ section of crimson strip from 2nd border. Layer with stickers and embellishments.

Cinnamon base 2″. Layer with 1.75″ strip of green pinecone. Punch Songbirds border out of Latte. Layer.

Latte base 3.75″. On the Vine border punch in green. Layer underneath 2 7/8″ multi plaid. Trim four 2.25″x 2.25″ cinnamon squares. Use Essentials corner punch for one. Use corner rounder on the rest. Layer with stickers and one short section of teal print Songbirds.

Green pinecone print 1″ base. Cinnamon cardstock 3/4″ strip cut on each edge with scallop blade (flip paper so scallops are going opposite directions). Button border maker with latte cardstock. Layer.

  • Border Punches: Songbirds, On the Vine, Winter Vine
  • Border Maker System: Scallop Wave, Button, Simple Leaf
  • 12″ Trimmer with straight, deckle, wave, scallop blades
  • Custom Cutting System with circle, red & blue blades
  • Essentials 4-way punch
  • Banner Punch, Maple Leaf Punch (both discontinued- contact me to purchase)
  • Repositionable Tape Runner
  • Croptoberfest Project Recipe
  • Croptoberfest Cardstock
  • Croptoberfest Embellishments
  • All tools available on my site
  • Contact me at or your local Advisor to purchase the Exclusive Croptoberfest Collection!

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